Aim and shoot! No matter your ability, our instructors will help you hit the bull’s eye.


Archery Archery Archery Archery

What is Archery

Are you ready to unleash your inner Robin Hood? A sport of skill and aim, archery is a fantastic way to improve focus, aim, and hand-eye coordination.

What can I expect from my Go Active Archery experience?

Archery requires you to visualise, aim, and shoot. This will help you to develop focus and marksmanship. Our instructors will have you shooting bull’s eyes in no time! They’ll teach you great tips and tricks and challenge you with fun shooting games. 

Archery is for 8+ year olds only.
How should I prepare for my Go Active Archery experience?

Make sure you wear comfy clothes and flat, sturdy shoes to help you keep your balance. Focus is very important during archery. A rumbling tummy won’t help you hit your target so make sure you fuel up in the adjacent Yacht Club Bar.