En garde! Try your hand at something new this holiday.

£10.00 per person. Minimum age 8+ years. Bookable here or by visiting the Hire Shop and Activities Reception. Open every day 9.00am to 5.00pm



What is Fencing

Fencing is a swordplay sport and is considered both a physical as well as a mental workout. You have to think smart in fencing! Two fencers will take part in a ‘bout’ and try to score points by making contact with their opponent using their foil – but don’t worry, it’s all safe!

What can I expect from my Go Active Fencing experience?

You’ll learn some exciting strategies and hone your reaction times under the supervision of our trained instructors. Your instructor will teach you the perfect en-garde stance, how to get your footwork right, and help you refine your bladework.

Fencing is for 8+ year olds only.
How should I prepare for my Go Active Fencing experience?

Make sure you are comfortably dressed, as you would for any other physical activity. This means flat, sturdy, and comfortable shoes are also a must. We recommend bringing a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.