Traversing Wall

Our Traversing Climbing Wall is the ideal choice for younger climbers with little or no climbing experience. Instead of going up, our Traversing Wall goes across! This means your little ones can practise their climbing technique and develop muscle strength whilst they’re just feet off the ground.

What can I expect?

Little climbers will learn the basics of climbing and, once they’re comfortable on the wall, be challenged to scale the course as quickly as possible. Maybe they’ll even set the fastest time to date! No climbing harnesses are required for the Traversing Wall. Climbers will stay close to the ground at all times. 

Our Traversing Wall is suitable for children between 4 – 12 years old.

How should I prepare?

Make sure your little climbers are comfortably dressed, as they would for any other physical activity. Flat, sturdy, and comfortable shoes are also a must. We recommend children bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Prices start from £5.00 – As with all Go Active activities, charges apply.
Traversing Wall is for 4 – 12 year olds only.