Sky Tykes

Our Sky Tykes® course is designed for 2-7 year olds, who are a little bit too small for The Crow’s Nest High Ropes course.

Children are safely strapped into a harness before they set out to explore the course. Parents and/or guardians assist their children during their adventure.


£3 per person – bookable here or by visiting the Hire Shop & Activities Reception. Open every day 9.00am to 5.00pm 

Suitable for children under 1.3m only.

sky tykes sky tykes sky tykes


What is Sky Tykes

Our inflatable canoes are a great introduction to canoeing. In the Go Active inflatable canoe session, you’ll learn the basics of canoeing in our indoor pool.

What can I expect from my Go Active Sky Tykes experience?

hildren will be fitted with a harness before entering the course. Instructors are on hand to explain how to keep safe. Parents can help their little adventurers scale the course from the ground.

Our Sky Tykes® course is suitable for children under 1.3m

How should I prepare for my Go Active Sky Tykes experience?

Make sure your children are comfortably dressed, as they would for any other physical activity. Flat, sturdy, closed toe and comfortable shoes are also a must. We recommend children bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.


Please be aware there are safety procedures that should be followed whilst using the Sky Tykes® course. Your trained instructor is on hand to explain these before beginning the activity. Suitable for children under 1.3m only.