GO Juniors

Join in with our Free to attend Play sessions for Pre-school children. 
Toddler Yoga. New for 2024! A fun way for preschool children and their parents or guardians to learn basic Yoga moves. Designed to get the chilled vibes flowing and give you and your children a relaxing and soothing experience. Class is led by our fully trained team
Tipi Town & Mini Dress Up. New for 2024! This Imaginative Play session takes place in ‘Tipi Town’ with costumes to dress up in and props and toys to enjoy. Children will love playing the imaginary role of Police officer, Shop keeper, Construction worker, Ice Cream Parlour owner and many more.
Messy Play. New for 2024!  Time to get their hands dirty! Children will love this play session with sand, foodstuffs and paint and getting messy in a fully controlled environment. It’ll make for some really lovely early-stage memories!
Story Book Adventure. New for 2024! Join ‘Professor Storey’ our storyteller from the Imagination Library of adventures as we bring to life an interactive fun filled adventure through some of the best stories for the age group!

Wild Wild West. An exciting themed session based around cowboys and Indians
Pirates Paradise. Incorporating games and treasure hunts, this session is themed around pirates and making treasure maps
Robin Hood Adventure and Mini Musketeers. A version of archery and fencing for the little ones. This session focuses on bows and arrows and sword-fighting and the legend of Robin Hood and his merry men!
Balanceability. A great activity using cutting-edge balance bikes to teach children how to ride a bike!




What is GO Juniors

Featuring a variety of activities, GO Juniors is a way for the little ones to get involved with some fantastic activities suitable for their age! Lots of fun for little ones,

What can I expect from my Go Active GO Juniors experience?

Lots of fun! Whichever activity your child is taking part in, they’re sure to enjoy it! GO Juniors will teach children important life skills, such as team work, creative skills, and focus alongside some great recreational skills such as bike riding!

How should I prepare for my Go Active GO Juniors experience?

Make sure your child is comfortably dressed with appropriate footwear. It’s also a good idea to bring along a bottle of water for them to stay hydrated during their GO Juniors experience!

There’s nothing more to it than that! Our trained instructors are on hand to help your child get the best out of their experience!