Zoom around on one of our Airboardz!


Airboardz Airboardz Airboardz Airboardz at hemsby beach holiday park

What is Airboardz

Air Boardz require you to use your balance to stay upright and use your body weight to steer. Air Boardz are a lot of fun and easy to ride.

What can I expect from my Go Active Airboardz experience?

Our qualified instructors will teach your kids how to use our Air Boardz in a fun and safe way. Within no time they will be whizzing around the room like they’ve been doing it for years. There’ll be a variety of challenges for them to improve their skill. 

Air Boardz are suitable for children that are 8+ years old.
How should I prepare for my Go Active Airboardz experience?

Make sure your child wears comfortable clothes as they would for any other physical activity. Avoid loose/baggy trousers. Flat and sturdy shoes are also essential for optimal footing on the Air Board. We recommend kids bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.