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Top Tips for Taking Your Dog on Holiday on the Norfolk Coast

We’ve given you some fantastic reasons why you should bring your dog on holiday, and we’ve given you some ideas of what you can do with the dog in Norfolk – so let us give you some top tips for taking your dog on holiday on the Norfolk Coast! Whilst some things may seem obvious, we know all too well that whilst packing for a holiday we often forget the most obvious of things!


Make Sure You Bring Your Pets Bedding

You want your pup to feel comfortable in their home away from home, so make sure you bring their bedding along! The familiar smell of home will help him to relax in their new surroundings, as well as keep him comfy during their stay at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park!

Bring Along Their Food, Food Dish and Water Bowl

Just as you may enjoy some meals out and about in Norfolk, so may your dog (some dog-friendly pubs around Norfolk are known to whip up doggy dinners!), but being self-cratered you will need to bring the dog’s food along as well as doing your own grocery shop! You’ll also need to bring their bowl to put their food in, and a water dish.

Lead and Collar/Harness

Whilst there are many places around Norfolk where the dog can run free to their heart’s content, there will be places where he’s restricted – but that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to enjoy them! Certain places, like Burgh Castle in Great Yarmouth, require dogs to be on a lead – so don’t leave these important items at home!

Bring Along Some of Their Favourite Things

To keep the dog happy and content, make sure to bring along some of their favourite things, such as a well-loved toy or their favourite blanket. As with their bedding, this will help to make them feel more at home in their new surroundings.

Some More Things You Might Want to Bring or Consider:

  • An old towel and some dog shampoo in case they go in the sea or get wet
  • Dog waste bags
  • Any medication your dog may need